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If you are a foreigner living in Russia with a small child and there comes a time when you are faced with a question of finding the right kindergarten you might feel swamped with variety of choices. Since all of the international schools are hugely overpriced and hard to get into, considering a Russian kindergarten with English as a second language might not be a bad idea. Here at PROGimnazia CARDEN we welcome variety. Our kindergarten is located in Krasnogorsk. We are helping the younger generation grow up healthy and well-mannered for a prosperous future. Providing a comprehensive routine for your child’s development and education is our main purpose as it will aid your child in their adaptation to the current conditions of society. The place for the betterment of your child is in our Gymnasium.

Our Location

Our Gymnasium is a three-story cottage constructed in the style of Russian classicism. It is located in a protected cottage community. We have three children’s playgrounds equipped for kids of all ages. There is also a summer pavilion in case of bad weather and plenty of indoor facilities accessible for the children.

All groups of children are located on different floors where their classes will be held. Additionally, rooms for sleeping, an assembly hall, a room for cold training and revitalizing procedures, and a sensory room are available for the children to use. The sensory room is intended for relaxation and miscellaneous psychological support. It is specially designed environment created in order to give an immersive sensory experience for kids with various abilities. Our sensory room have been carefully designed to provide a one-stop-shop for a variety of needs. For example, it contains elements that have a proven track record of providing a calming sensory experience, which helps children with Autism (and other disorders) to de-escalate.

Additionally, it can be converted to a room specifically for your child and his particular set of requirements. It can be set up to help develop skills such as switching, cause-and-effect, color recognition, or eye-hand coordination among many others. It can be interactive or calming, or just plain fun.

An experienced psychologist works with the child and guides him into a better state of mind.

It is important to say that our kindergarten is located on the edge of the huge wooded area. This is an environmentally friendly place, with no production facilities nearby and thus, it feels like we are far away from town here. For that reason, a lot of daily activities are conducted outdoors in the warm season.

When creating our kindergarten we decided to focus on the introduction of etiquette rules in our students’ daily life. We want our charges to learn how to say please and thank you, how to hold a fork and a knife, how to be polite to elders and to be generous with each other. We want them to learn how to be young ladies and gentlemen. All of it is done throughout a day by means of role modeling, games and role play.

Why Choose Us?

We use CARDEN, a unique language method, which has proved itself all over the world. As a result of training with this method, children are able to easily enter schools whereafter they can apply to Russian and other foreign higher education institutions.

Education in younger groups is performed according to the proprietary methodology based on elements of the famous Montessori Method.

The middle and senior groups are engaged in the unique system of development and training of the Lomonosov School.

All children are distributed by age with schedules drawn up accordingly.

There are three age groups in our Gymnasium holding 15 children per group:

• The younger group is for children from ages 2 to 3.5 years old. They work according to the Nationwide Russian Pre-School Educational Program «Childhood», in combination with elements of the Montessori Method and the CARDEN English-Language Course.

• The middle group is for children from ages 3.5 to 5 years old. They work according to the educational and development program of Lomonosov Schools, in combination with the CARDEN Course and partial programs of individual, sporting, strengthening and aesthetic development.

• The senior group is for children from ages 5 to 6 years old. They work according to the educational program of Lomonosov Schools, in combination with the CARDEN Course and partial programs of individual and aesthetic development, with an emphasis on preparing for school.

The program also includes recreational activities such as:

- golf

- classical choreography

- chess

- gymnastics and cold training;

- using the sauna;

- oxygen cocktails and herbal teas.

Medical Service

There is a nurse in the Gymnasium’s staff, and a contract with a medical company was concluded for providing medical care for your children.


There are five meals a day in our Gymnasium: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and supper. We cooperate with one of the best food suppliers for kindergartens available in the market of the Moscow Region. All produce is grown on farms, is environmentally friendly and without GMOs. The dishes are prepared taking into account the children’s age. Dietary meals are discussed individually. A sample of the menu can be seen on our website. If their are any allergies, we will adapt the menu for your child appropriately to suit the child’s needs.

Our Team

All teachers of our Gymnasium have a higher pedagogical education, a great successful work experience and certification in areas such as CARDEN, Montessori, and the Psychology of younger preschool age. We also work with specialized professionals in the field of speech and language therapy, as well as speech pathology and psychology who give lessons on individual basis.

Particular attention is paid to additional skills such as the knowledge Russian culture, etiquette, politeness, well-bred speech, knowledge of foreign languages, and more! All of our foreign language teachers are native speakers, giving children a chance to learn about a foreign culture as well as the idiosyncrasies in their speech.

You can find more detailed information about management of our Gymnasium, its pedagogical and technical staff on our website.

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