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Knowledge of the Human Body

No one could be surprised that kids are curious about the human bodies they inhabit, and it is very important that their many questions be answered in a straightforward, logical, and matter-of-fact manner. We offer courses that provide solid foundational knowledge about the composition and construction of the human body. Classroom discussions of how bodies work stimulate our young students’ desire to ensure that their own bodies remain healthy and beautiful. The study of the human body has many benefits, including:

·        Improved vocabulary

·        Discovery of the value of exercise and healthy eating

·        Development of a responsible approach to the natural physical changes that occur as children grow up

We understand that as children learn about the human bodies, it is essential that they feel free not only to ask questions, but to express their opinions and share their observations. Our classes on the body supply an open, friendly, non-judgmental environment that affords students the opportunity to do just that.

Helping Parents Avoid Those Awkward “Talks”

For various reasons, some parents are afraid to talk to their kids about the body. This fear and reticence can often cause inhibitions and blocks to be passed down to the next generation, which can negatively affect children’s psyches and physical health throughout their lives.

At our school, we are happy to help parents with this sometimes daunting task. We teach kids using images and other materials recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health and other related agencies. These are specially designed to inform children about:

·        Body structure

·        Major muscles and bones

·        Interactions and relationships between bodily organs

When kids are familiar with the basic functions of the human body, they are better able to figure out what kind of treatment might be needed for cuts, bruises, and other physical traumas, as well as the causes of illness and injuries. Through proper presentation of the findings of modern science, children can learn a great deal of useful information that will keep them healthy and safe.

It’s only natural that children have questions about where babies come from. Many parents, however, find it embarrassing to provide these elementary facts to their kids. Our teachers have found that it is much easier to answer questions of this nature by showing kids illustrated materials than by simply talking in concepts. At our school, all these topics are approached as sensitively and straightforwardly as possible. We also take advantage of this opportunity to explain the basics of puberty and other aspects of human development, which clarifies subjects that often confuse children or give rise to myths and stigma about their bodies that are best circumvented altogether. Kids learn about the structure of their bodies and how to care for themselves, including proper nutrition and healthy exercise. The knowledge acquired in our lessons on the human body give children the ability to protect themselves from dangerous situations and “surprises” both now and in later life.

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