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Singing Lessons

Even before babies are born, music surrounds them. After birth, it is much the same. Music can improve moods, provide inspiration, and even heal the body as well as the spirit.

Children especially like to sing, and they do so with great exuberance. When they are taught voice by a professional, it helps them to:

·        Develop a musical ear (even if they start out with a tin one!)

·        Refine their diction

·        Use breath support

Voice lessons provide kids with new opportunities to discover their artistic talents, improve their posture, focus their energy, and develop a sense of rhythm.

Learning to sing properly isn’t easy; it requires instruction from a highly qualified specialist, such as the ones who work at our school.

What We Offer

Voice is taught at our school according to carefully selected, time-tested methods from at home and abroad. Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure that classes are as fun as they are informative and practical. Techniques are employed to expand the vocal range and correct timbre, and exercises that prevent injury to the vocal cords are incorporated into the lessons.

Today there are three major types of singing: pops, classical, and rock. Experts recommend starting classical training first, as it incorporates all the techniques children need in order not only to sing well, but also to love the learning process. (Incidentally, we believe that if a child does not want to sing, he or she should never be forced to do so.)

Our Teachers

The voice teachers who work at our kindergarten are amiable, open, and supremely qualified. Children engage with them immediately, and classes take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our teachers take their time, providing the kids with calm, clear explanations and never raising their voices.

After a few classes, our students are able to:

·        Control their voices

·        Perform their favorite music

·        Overcome their shyness and sing into the microphone

Our voice lessons start children on a musical journey that will afford them a lifetime of enjoyment and useful skills.

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