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Recreational Physics and Chemistry

Physics and chemistry are often considered to be complex and boring subjects. But not at our school! We have come up with an approach that makes these sciences fun for kids.

Our teachers give students a chance to watch and independently conduct recreational chemistry experiments, sparking their interest and teaching them a sense of caution while showing them amazing objects and phenomena that are difficult to explain with words alone, such as:

·        Why does steam occur?

·        How does mist or dew form on grass?

·        What is lightning, and is it dangerous?

·        Why do apples fall down rather than up?

The list goes on and on, as inexhaustible as our children’s imaginations. The three states of water alone provide huge amounts of entertaining material. The bloom and swirl of a drop of food coloring in a glass of milk can be source of fascination for children and adults alike. Our instructors make simple experiments like these the center of a dazzling, unforgettable show, and offer kids an opportunity to conduct some of the exercises themselves in a safe, controlled environment. And when the time comes for the little ones to study physics and chemistry more formally later in life, they will already have an idea of what makes these sciences so riveting, and apply themselves to the subjects with enthusiasm.

Of course, most of the experiments conducted in our recreational physics and chemistry class can be found online—but it could be dangerous for children to try them on their own. At our school, however, under the watchful eye of their teacher, kids can practice the procedures in an appealing, game-like format without risking harm, simultaneously learning safety techniques that will serve them in the future.

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