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Chess is among the most exciting of the board games. It is also the most useful one for the development of logical thought patterns, which is why children should be taught to play beginning at the age of three. Educators and psychologists alike have confirmed that kids absorb any information far better than usual while playing the game.

That is exactly why chess is a great way for children to develop:

. Analytical thinking

. Retention skills

. Powers of concentration

This ancient game boosts more than just math abilities; it’s also a tool for disciplining the mind that teaches kids to:

. Pay attention to their train of thought

. Establish a strategy

. Plan everything one step ahead and pursue their goals

In addition to enhancing children’s ability to think, chess encourages them to take responsibility for their actions. When we sit at the chessboard, it is not enough to merely visualize the ways we might develop the game and choose the best option. We have to make a decision and move a piece—and then we are responsible for the consequences. If the choice we have made turns out to be less than ideal, it is up to us to address the situation. Most children who don’t play chess have not developed the skills necessary to succeed in this process. Even adults can’t always summon up the wherewithal to take an important step or admit to their mistakes. Chess players, however, do it constantly, creating habits of courage and determination for themselves in the process.

The benefits of chess cannot be overstated. It has been the game of choice of generals and kings over the centuries for good reason. Today, the world’s most successful people still put in time at the chessboard, and train their children to do the same.

At our school, chess will be an important part of your child’s curriculum.

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