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Early Musical Development

It’s a long-established fact that children who receive early opportunities to develop themselves musically are more focused, balanced, calm, and able to cope constructively with their emotions than are children who do not. There are many areas of musical development, all of which serve several purposes, including:

·        Fostering a love of music

·        Acquainting kids with the world around them

·        Teaching music history and the understanding of classical works

·        Revealing children’s musical gifts, including their personal aptitude for playing certain musical instruments

Some methods of early musical development make it easier for children to learn foreign languages, discover mathematical talents, develop speech and fine motor skills, and master writing. As a general rule, the earlier children begin their musical education, the more positive results are seen in their development.

At our school, music is an integral part of the daily routine. Calisthenics and gymnastics are led to the accompaniment of cheerful, upbeat music. During quiet hour, calm, relaxing music is played. We also teach aspects of classical music, introducing our students to the works and biographies of great composers, discussing the history of various musical instruments, and training them to recognize which ones are being played when they hear them. Lessons are taught by instructors with long records of work at music schools who observe each child to determine his or her interests, likes, and tendencies. Kids are also provided with the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.

By the time they graduate, our students have learned so much about music that they can easily compete in the field with adults—and even win against them!

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