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LEGO® Design

Far from being a mere fashionable trend in training programs for children, LEGO® design promotes learning, mental development, motor skills, and much more. LEGO®’s versatile building sets are beloved worldwide by kids and adults alike for the limitless creative possibilities they offer, while remaining durable, strong, and safe.

According to pediatricians, children may begin using LEGO® blocks at the age of three. LEGO® play encourages constant, accelerated development of the mind and body, teaching kids to solve increasingly complex problems as they come up with their own creations. Their self-confidence, communication skills, and ability to work in a group are all positively affected by the pastime.

Children at our school are allowed to play freely with LEGO® blocks, a practice that stimulates their mental activity and expands their ability to concentrate. LEGO® is also used to teach the basics of mathematics and counting, and helps kids progress in their understanding of areas such as technology, reading, speech, construction, and even computer science. In fact, the range of benefits is so wide that it would be impossible to describe it fully here.

Most importantly, LEGO® design incorporates all these aspects of knowledge in a harmonious way that satisfies children’s inborn craving for knowledge.

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