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Foreign languages

Learning a foreign language is one of the best tools available for personal growth and self-development, helping to promote mental abilities, analytical thinking, creativity, and intellectual flexibility.

In modern times, the acquisition of a foreign language has become a necessity, and many parents are therefore eager to introduce this training into their children’s lives as early as possible. Kids acquire knowledge much faster than adults do; up to the age of nine, they are truly virtuoso language-learners. Experts recommend that children be started on their path to foreign-language proficiency in kindergarten. Several advantages to this approach are cited, including the following:

·        By working closely with their children’s prospective educators, parents have the opportunity to choose the best instructional method for their child.

·        Learning a foreign language in early childhood encourages even development of both hemispheres of the brain.

·        As mentioned above, kindergarten is the perfect age to begin this type of study; kids absorb and incorporate the information easily and efficiently.

All of the teachers of foreign languages at our kindergarten are native speakers whose fluency provides students with examples of correct pronunciation, grammar, and usage habits from the very first day of instruction. Our instructors employ an in-house teaching method that makes use of the most effective techniques available. After just a few lessons, children begin to speak the foreign language. And by the time they start first grade, they are nearly fluent.

The Learning Process

It is very important to spark a child's interest in learning a foreign language. At our kindergarten, the kids are divided into groups taught by professional teachers and psychologists who spare no effort to make classes an engaging experience.

All lessons are presented daily as 20-minute games that hold the children’s attention. They include viewing of animated and live-action films, as well as readings of fairy tales and dialogue between the students.

Our kindergarten offers several foreign languages taught according to this model; all that remains for parents to do is to decide which one to choose!

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