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Ballroom Dancing

At our school, ballroom dance occupies a special place in our students’ aesthetic education. Ballroom dancing helps teach children to use their movements to convey what the composer wanted to express through the music.

All children begin life with an inborn love of dance. If you support their desire to dance and give them a little assistance along the way, they will grow up to be beautiful dancers.

Learning ballroom dancing helps children:

·        Learn to move beautifully

·        Develop good posture

·        Strengthen their muscles

·        Improve their physical proportions

·        Instill habits of graceful movement

·        Reduce tendencies toward social awkwardness

The ballroom dances we teach at our kindergarten stimulate children to open up emotionally and develop physically. Dance lessons can be begun as early as age two… and it’s never too late to start at any age!

Through dance, children learn norms of cultural communication, such as the custom of a boy offering a girl his hand and inviting her to dance. It is generally accepted that ballroom dance is the best way to supplement kids’ spiritual, physical, and cultural upbringing; it broadens their horizons and fosters good musical taste.

Our school has different ballroom dance sections for each age group. Classes are conducted by choreographers who have extensive experience working with children. Communication between pupils and teachers takes place in an easy, relaxed atmosphere. We find an individual approach for each child that allows us to achieve the best possible results.

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