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“Mother and Baby” Early Childhood Development Groups

In addition to regular kindergarten activities, our school also holds classes for kids between the ages of eight months and two years. Knowing that at this early age, children have a deep need for comfort, quiet, and security, we have created a special Montessori environment in which our tiniest students will feel cozy and safe as they grow.

This wholesome setting fulfills other critical needs of this age group as well, including:

·        Unlimited movement

·        Handling and manipulation of objects

·        Development of hearing, vision, and sense of touch

Children in the group expand their fine and gross motor skills, enjoy music lessons, and take the first steps toward becoming well-socialized, independent people—as well as taking their actual first steps!

Meanwhile, the class supports parents in their efforts to:

·        Assist their children as effectively as possible, taking the little ones’ individual physical and psychological natures into account

·        Create a nurturing environment at home that will reinforce the skills learned in class

·        Choose proper educational toys

·        Understand upcoming stages of child development and provide aid in moments of difficulty

·        Cope with toilet training, bedtime routines, and similar challenges

·        Communicate, make friends, and share experiences with other parents

And when the little participants in this class have reached the right age, we will happily accept them into the ranks of the students at ProGimnasia Cardén – the best kindergarten in Krasnogorsk!

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