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Art Studio

Children are artists. They are always interested in experiencing new things; they aspire not only to learn, but also to create things they have never seen before. That is why kids often take their toys apart: they want to know what’s inside and how it looks. So what would happen if they were allowed to do the same thing at kindergarten?

It would give them the opportunity to:

·        Develop

·        Build relationships with the world around them

·        Work with their hands and create their own inventions

Each child in our studio is given special attention, which creates a respectful, trusting bond between the teachers and their students. All classes take place in a comfortable, cozy environment, and are conducted using special tried-and-true methods and only the safest materials.

What the Children Do

At the art studio, kids create various objects that reflect their inner world. They are given the freedom to improvise and the chance to translate their fantasies into reality, resulting in joyful development and an increased desire to do new things and engage constructively with their physical environment.

Our art studio allows students to try their hands at:

·        Drawing

·        Needlework

·        Cooking

·        Design

…and the list goes on.

The art studio is constantly evolving in new and interesting directions. For instance, drawing implements don’t have to be limited to pencils and paints; why not use sand, or chocolate? Or we might leave the walls of the classroom behind and venture out into the fresh air, where the children can plant flowers and trees and then take care of them, observing the changes as they grow.

Classes are held in small groups, divided by interests. As a result, each child has the space to develop fully in the directions that interest him or her most.

And who knows? Classes at our art studio might even be a child’s first step toward becoming a famous artist!

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