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Theatre Studio

We operate a real theatre studio at our kindergarten, involving children from the age of three. The studio’s goal is to contribute to the healthy formation of kids’ personalities, with the best specialists in the field helping students master basic acting skills. Those skills, however, are only a small part of the benefit of this training, as participation in theatrical productions fosters:

·        Development of creative abilities

·        Discovery of the ability to express thoughts clearly

·        A decrease in stage fright of all kinds

·        Strengthening of self-esteem

Many children are very shy. Engagement in theatre serves to break them out of their shells and articulate their requests and opinions consistently and intelligibly. Moreover, it teaches them to control and own their emotions and discover and grow their creative inner potential.

A Chance at Self-Expression

Learning acting skills provides children an opportunity to express themselves in ways they might not be able to in ordinary life. As actors, kids can experience what it’s like to be a prince, a captain of a pirate ship, a fearless knight… the list is inexhaustible, making our theatre studio very popular with our students.

Classes at the studio boost kids’ ability to:

·        Concentrate and pay attention

·        Appropriately manage their emotions and flights of imagination

·        Use imagery

·        Take responsibility for their actions and help each other out

·        Recognize the behavioral norms of both actors and audience members

Furthermore, some of our acting exercises may aid children in ridding themselves of inhibitions that the adults surrounding them might not have even noticed.

Through plays, children also learn to work. They figure out how to find common ground with others, and overcome any fears they might have of expressing their thoughts and offering their ideas to a group—all of which will clearly benefit them greatly throughout their lives.

We have no doubt that your child will come running to our theatre studio when it’s time for class, bursting with joyful anticipation and ideas for his or her next big role!

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