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These days, babies are born surrounded by technology that was the stuff of fantasy not too long ago. Modern children take these devices for granted, and indeed, we adults can hardly imagine the world without them now. And while some robotic equipment is still largely found at tech expos or seen in movies, other items, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles, are firmly ensconced in our daily lives.

Many families already have real robotic assistants that cook, vacuum, and wash windows and utensils. Kites have given way to quadcopters. Naturally, kids want to know how all of this works. Rather than risking walking in on your child’s eager disassembly of your Roomba®, perhaps it would be preferable to entrust the explanations to a robotics teacher.

What the Children Will Learn


In our robotics lessons, children will not only discuss what modern robots are made of, but they will be taught to design simple models for themselves. Classes are designed for children age three and up, and help develop children’s creative abilities, as well as many other life skills, such as mindfulness, accuracy, diligence, and perseverance.

Children really enjoy designing and building their own robots. After all, a robot is the first thing a child ever makes with his or her own hands that is capable of independent movement. Even if the first models are not very complex, kids take pride in knowing that they made the devices themselves, leading to an increase in self-esteem. Later, they will be able to create more complex and technical items.

Although robotics clubs are common in this day and age, it is best for children to learn to build robots with the help of master craftspeople, such as the teachers at our school. They know how best to captivate a child’s attention, and have a clear idea of the order in which concepts must be presented.

The study of robotics helps children:

·        Work in a team

·        Practice safe construction techniques

·        Learn to believe in themselves

·        Develop logical thinking patterns and fine motor skills

Robotics lessons are a sort of game that unobtrusively teaches kids the fundamentals of mathematics and programming while they focus on something that truly holds their interest. Robotics is one the classes at our school that is the most beloved by our students.

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